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Buzz-worthy new restaurant in Mumbai

As the country reopens, its restaurant and dining-out segments that are positively buzzing.

The goodness of Ayurveda: God Café

This little café is sandwiched between iconic old restaurants and the houses of people who've have called Dadar their home for generations. The walls are covered with modern cow motifs. Sheetal Bhatt, whose family owns Harrit Farms, is on a mission to introduce Ayurveda to a whole new generation. All food is made using Satvik principles (spices are added in controlled measure) and is cooked in A2 ghee from the Gir cow (an Indian breed said to be a superior species).

Her team is trained to follow her recipes to the T, and they include all kinds of popular dishes such as vada pav and dhokla, parathas with choley, missal pav, rose lassi, Veg Kolhapuri. “Food is not just about the taste; it also heals the body. I focused on the importance of eating fresh and healthy, but without eschewing the fun element,” says Bhatt.

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