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B-Cuisines & Cocktails is the gateway to Tardeo’s glamorous transformation

If you’re looking for an intimate space that combines both your love of good food and better music, look no further than B-Cuisines & Cocktails

B-Cuisines & Cocktails wears a slightly different avatar to its predecessor Baroke, but hits all the right notes.

Nestled in the iconic Krishna Palace Hotel at Nana Chowk, Tardeo, B-Lounge has recently opened its doors with a smash. It’s a bold statement from the emerald green door to the artwork laden walls and music that’s guaranteed to invoke some nostalgia.

Led by Director and second-generation owner Saurabh Shetty, the space has evidently levelled up into ‘B-Cuisines & Cocktails’. It’s a space that clearly seeks to evoke the spirit of the 90s, right from the music to the easy cocktails, dim lighting, and fervent energy. And they do their job well, since the place lends itself to pleasant evening hangs as well as parties that carry well into the night.

It’s Saurabh’s dream to take Nana Chowk’s identity as a residential space and transform it into something bigger. “I want to transform this area into a vibrant, culturally-rich district. When you offer crowds something of value, they will create their own interpretation around it. Just as New York’s meatpacking district was accepted as the world’s most famous nightlife district, B-Lounge attempts to be a similar shift for Nana Chowk. We want to set the tone for more outing destinations here,” says Saurabh.

At the stroke of 10:30 every night, the place converts into B Switch! The spectacle essentially converts the lounge into a more happening space for the night. Bartenders break into a jig, open the dance floor and create a celebratory ambiance.

With more and more lounges/resto-pubs attempting to cater to millennial tastes with complex offerings, B-Cuisines & Cocktails aims to stand out with its simple, uncomplicated approach.

Beverages lie at the heart of this place, and don’t fail to impress. The cocktail menu lists creative concoctions using molecular mixology. For those veering towards the ambitious, there’s the gin-based Wrong Turn, which is smoked with dry ice and rosemary. Honouring homegrown ingredients like curry leaves for smoking, there’s the Cari Fumo Secco, a whisky and rosso drink.

In the mood for something more premium? The B-Lounge Gold Martini has got you covered, which consists of a gin, sweet Vermouth, white wine and honey concoction with Gold Dust. Masala paan lovers have been taken care of too with the Dumroo Paan that marries chocolate, paan, and vodka.

If you’re a coffee lover, you love your filter coffee flavours anywhere. They’re honoured and how, with the Filter Coffee Martinis, guaranteed to refresh you. A non-alcoholic alternative to the same is the Filter Coffee Tiramisu, a dessert that deserves a feature of its own.

Working with Consulting Chef Aseema Mamaji, Saurabh’s food menu at B-Cuisines & Cocktails takes guests through the hotel’s Mangalorean and Mumbai lineage and embraces the owner’s personal roots.

He adds, “During my time abroad, I have studied F&B offerings and drawn inspiration from them. For example, a New York jazz club in a basement showed me an intimate vibe, while the best cocktail bar in the world, Red Rabbit, showed me how to create spaces that matter.”

It’s a foodie heaven with innovative gourmet delights like Mangalorean Ghee Roast Chicken and Mangalorean Ghee Roast Paneer served as a Khari Bruschetta. Lamb Seekh kebabs and vegetarian Hara Bhara Kabab are served on soft-shell Thepla Tacos as a nod to the neighbourhood Gujarati community.

Apart from bar staples like nachos and all its loaded versions, you can also treat your palate to hand stretched Neapolitan Pizzas with a variety of toppings.

Mumbai’s social crowd has gotten a new address for their weekend hangs, with B-Cuisines & Cocktails being both the chill lounge and raving nightclub you need. See you at Tardeo!

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