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A burst of flavours!

Elephant and Co, or Eco as it is popularly known, is a place that puts you at ease. It embodies the thought process of co-owners Karan Khilnani, Anuj Solanki and Karan Kulkarni — that is to treat their patrons like royalty. With chef Akansha Saigal’s new additions, Elephant and Co will stimulate your taste buds.

► Ambience: The space is now bigger and better — and as stunning as the quaint one. The vibe is positive. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, Elephant and Co is your go to place.

► Service: The service is impeccable, with everyone — from servers to the mixologist — eager to offer you their best.

► Drinks:

WHAT WE HAD: Santorini Sunset — The bittersweet aperitif surely built our appetite.

Pineapple Express — An innovative take on the classic Piña Colada, this one is piquant and zesty. Try it to taste the innovation.

Espresso Martini — A bitter cocktail made with a fresh espresso shot, vodka and homemade coffee liqueur — nothing better to perk you up and spin you down.

Aged Old Fashioned — As the name suggests, this enhances your happy senses along with that oaky flavour and a slight hint of demerara.

Food: We tried an array of dim sum servings to start our journey.


Spicy Broccoli — Braised broccoli and chilli infused dumplings, with a strong flavour of broccoli that goes well with the bird-eye chilli sauce.

Wild Mushroom — Black fungus, shiitake and button mushroom stuffing infused with burnt garlic and chilli oil, wrapped in a red-cabbage coloured crystal moneybag.

Red Curry Prawn Dumpling — Classic red Thai curry flavoured prawn stuffed dim sum. Another favourite.

Poached Chicken Dim Sum — An aromatic chicken wonton, this one is your classic chicken dumpling done right.

► Appetizers:

Brandy Chilli Lotus Root – Wok-tossed lotus root in a brandy based chili sauce — very different from the run of the mill honey chilli lotus stem. Definitely an upgrade.

Mushroom Pate — Creamy herbed mushroom pate soft and rich in flavour, served with a rucola and orange segment. Need we say more?


Pizza Bianco: Garlic infused béchamel sauce with caramelised onion, feta and baby spinach on the thinnest crust possible. We loved this new take on the classic pizza sauce.

Black Pepper Cottage Cheese — Cottage cheese tossed with their in-house fiery black pepper sauce, served with flat rice noodles. This has an Umami flavour — extra ordinary!

Coq Au Vin — Wine poached chicken with mashed potatoes and sautéd vegetables — a great meal in itself.

► Desserts:

Chocolate Tart with Coffee Crumble — This one is a must try for tart lovers.

Chocolate and Orange Cake — A seven-layered decadent cake with a chocolate and orange zest.


We recommend a visit to Elephant and Co. Do not forget to book a table in advance, as it can get quite crowded.

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