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Neha Khilnani, is the CEO and Media specialist of her firm Connekting Dots PR and Brand Communications. Known for tireless work ethic, energetic presentation, and a sharp sixth sense to sniff out opportunity has helped her firm grow fantastically. Along with defining and pursuing a vision, the young entrepreneur has been able to instrument and formulate that vision into something tangible, over the years she has been able to imprint the same passion, energy, and dedication in everything she does. 


Her experience in the media and communications space revolves around having an in-depth exposure in client servicing corporate strategy, planning public relations, brand consulting, social media, and brand partnership. For her what’s of utmost importance is to connect all the dots for branding and communication to be in sync and she does so by finding a midpoint to take a brand's vision through.


Neha’s ability to work closely with her clients at all levels and demonstrating a sincere interest in solving problems has created significant opportunities. As a result, she has surpassed all the expectations when it comes to communication and providing 360-degree integrated strategies to the table. 


Neha Khilnani

Founder & CEO


 We are a team of young and energetic individuals who are always on their toes to tapping the superlative marketing and production opportunities for a brand. We believe in creating lasting relationships that seamlessly result in transcending brand image & reach. We mingle seamlessly with Media insiders, Bloggers, Trade Analysts, Stylists, Television actors, Bollywood managers exceptionally and have only grown to be an asset over the years.


We begin with the end in mind to solve the problems you may have, to help you bring to the next level so you may succeed. For us, it is most important to connect all the dots for branding and communication to be in sync and we do that by finding a midpoint to take a brand’s vision through. 

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